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Our end-to-end data management & analytics platform will enable organizations of any scale to derive actionable insights from data.

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    robust data infrastructure

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How does our platform help?

Data Infrastructure

Pick tools of your choice and create your data infrastructure. We support only cloud infrastructures to enable infinite scale & compliment digital transformation.

No need for individual tool expertise and regular management of these tools. Our platform has got you covered!

Data Integration & Pipeline Management

Integrate data from all your sources to a single source of truth using a variety of available data connectors. Further, automate data refresh using our no-code interface.

Say ‘Bye’ to data silos, frequent data pipeline breakage and broken reports!

Data Discovery and Management

Discover any data asset in the organization and its lineage using our intelligent search coupled with smart data cataloging system.

No more repeated requests on ‘Who’, ‘Where’, ‘When’, and ‘Why’ of data!

BI and Self-serve Analytics

Create metrics & reports with ease and share it with relevant stakeholders to avoid inconsistency & rework. Also, consolidate reports from the visualization tool of your choice and share it on the platform.

Our no-code interface will empower all business users with the skillsets of data analysts and data engineers.

Seems exaggerated? Try us out to believe!

Advanced Analytics and Data Science

Leverage multiple pre-built data science models for various business use cases to drive powerful predictive and prescriptive insights.

Productionize your custom data science models within minutes for business users to use.

Why wait, when you can unlock the potential of data science from day 1?

Data Governance

Seamlessly manage access to every data asset in the organization, mask PII data, and have complete visibility into data usage with audit log at all times. Our platform makes adherence to GDPR, CCPA and other data protection laws easy.



How does it work?

Managing data and generating insights has never been this simple!

MapleMonk’s intuitive platform has been designed to enable every user to perform complex data engineering & analytics tasks with ease.

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